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Campus GrantsProfessional Grants

Campus Grants

Local Campus Stipends
Wisconsin Women in Higher Education Leadership

The WWHEL Board of Directors, through college and/or university Institutional Representatives(IRs), encourages activities that support and address issues important to the advancement of women at all levels.  To that end, the Board has authorized stipends to be used to support activities(book clubs, discussion groups, materials, etc.) as decided by the local campuses.  A maximum of eight (8) stipends annually will be awarded for a maximum amount of $500 per institution.  The WWHEL Board has the right to alter the number of stipends based on funding availability.

Application Process:
To apply, Institutional Representatives(IRs) should:

  • Write a letter (2‐page maximum, 12‐point font) identifying the educational institution, name of Institutional Representative (IR), amount requested (maximum $500.00), and activity planned.
  • Send the letter electronically in PDF format by November 30 to Sarah Olejniczak, Chair WWHEL Professional Development Committee.

Only one application per institution will be considered.

Reporting Process for Stipend Recipients:

  • When an institution receiving a stipend schedules an event, an invitation should be sent to WWHEL President Stephanie Sklba. (A WWHEL Board member, if available, may attend the event.)
  • By July 1 of each year, the Institutional Representative should submit a brief electronic report to Stephanie Sklba, summarizing the activities supported with the $500 stipend.

Evaluation Criteria:
Applications will be reviewed by a panel of WWHEL Board Members and awarded based on the scope of activities planned.

Application Deadline:
Applications are due electronically by November 30.

Professional Grants

Professional Development Grants

To provide financial support for women to participate in professional development opportunities to advance in leadership roles in Higher Education.

Department Chairs, directors, associate/assistant deans, deans, provosts, vice presidents, and women in similar supervisory roles across all divisions (academic affairs, student affairs, administration and finance, etc.).  Candidates must be employed at a non-profit Higher Education institution.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • Cover letter (2-pages maximum) addressing your leadership experience and career aspirations, including a statement regarding how you expect to benefit from the proposed professional development program.
  • Current curriculum vitae.
  • Proposed budget, including registration fees, estimated travel expenses, lodging, and other relevant expenses.  Please provide documentation of required fees, and additional estimated costs (for example, if airfare is required, a printout of estimated ticket price).
  • A letter of nomination or support from your supervisor or a peer, or someone who can speak to your capacity as a leader in the Higher Education environment.
  • A statement regarding how you would share your experience with others upon return to campus, or at the WWHEL annual conference or awards banquet.

Awardees are encouraged to attend the annual conference and share their experience with others either by making a brief presentation or providing a written statement.

Application deadlines and award process:

  • Applications are accepted with a deadline of November 30.  You may submit a request for funding prior to receiving confirmation of your acceptance into a program, but confirmation of your registration is required prior to dispersal of funds.
  • Awards of up to $2500 per person will be made based on availability of funds at each granting cycle.
  • Applications for the academic fiscal years must be submitted electronically to Sarah Olejniczak, Chair, WWHEL Professional Development Grants Committee.