WWHEL celebrates 20 years of service 1996 - 2018!

Roles of Representatives

Responsibilities of a WWHEL Institutional Representative

Wisconsin Women in Higher Education Leadership (WWHEL) exists to support women in leadership positions in academia and to encourage those seeking such positions.  Ideally, a WWHEL Institutional Representative would:

  1. Serve as the campus contact for announcements of WWHEL activities and information, forwarding these items to others on campus as appropriate.
  2. Be the advocate for WWHEL sponsorship to her president/chancellor.
  3. Help to organize a WWHEL chapter on campus that would bring together women employed at the institution for professional development gatherings that might include speakers (external or internal) or discussions of recent research on women in academia, of books on relevant issues, or of topics of particular local interest.
  4. Encourage women on campus to attend WWHEL’s regional spring workshops and annual fall conferences.
  5. Consider hosting a future WWHEL workshop or conference.

The annual WWHEL state conference includes a session specifically for WWHEL Institutional Representatives.  The session includes tips on possible campus activities and an opportunity to meet and share ideas with WWHEL participants on other campuses.

WWHEL does not charge membership fees; the only costs for participants are those associated with workshop or conference attendance.  Instead, we depend on contributions from supportive institutions to enable us to continue our advocacy for women leaders in academia and our workshops and conferences offering professional development.  More background is available at www.wwhel.org.  Please contact the WWHEL State President or a WWHEL Board member if you have questions.

At several Wisconsin colleges and universities, both public and private, groups of women meet under the WWHEL banner for professional development; regular meetings include speakers or discussions of books or new research on leadership topics.  If you are interested in finding out more about any of these initiatives, please go to www.wwhel.org or contact the WWHEL State President.