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Patricia Kleine

Dr. Kleine has held leadership positions in higher education for 30 years.   She is in her eighth year as the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  As provost, she has shepherded a “differential tuition” process to provide Academic Affairs and the University with $10,500,000 additional funding per year; activated an evidence-informed decision mechanism for distribution of resources; and begun a practice of identifying and confirming “leading indicators” on which  academic departments and units should focus to improve retention and four-year graduation rates, for example. This work on student success has caught the attention of The Education Trust, which named UW-Eau Claire as one of eight high performing, fast gaining institutions in student success in the United States. The Education Advisory Board (Washington, D.C.) selected Dr. Kleine for its expert’s panel on performance-based funding.

Additionally, she serves as chief personnel officer for all unclassified positions on campus.  While not currently in a faculty role, she frequently provides statistical assistance to staff and students conducting research for their degrees.  (Her significant commitment to undergraduate research contributed to the Council for Undergraduate research naming UW-Eau Claire as the nation’s top master’s university for undergraduate research.)
At the University of Wisconsin System (UWS) level, Dr. Kleine is one of the most senior provosts and as such is frequently appointed to critical system-level committees.  Currently, she serves on the Common System Review Group (CSRG) and the CSRG budget committee charged with determining the annual assessment for common technology services/software for each of the UW institutions.  Additionally, she is one of only eight individuals from around the system charged with proposing the performance-based funding metrics now required by the Wisconsin.

At the University of Maine (Orono, Maine) Dr. Kleine completed her doctoral studies in research/statistics and higher education administration.  Her dissertation received a “Dissertation of the Year Award” from the American Educational Research Association
Dr. Kleine attended Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and earned advanced degrees from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado.

Dr. Kleine has always believed her roles in higher education carried obligations for public service.  Well before service learning became in vogue as a high-impact experience for college students, she has had students working in the community in such areas as Habitat for Humanity, neighborhood revitalizations, urban garden plots, Red Cross, and, during the holiday and wedding seasons, wrapping gifts for shoppers. In order to model community service herself, Dr. Kleine, in each community in which she has lived, has become visibly involved.  She has served on oversight boards (e.g. United Way, Marshfield Clinic Foundation), ad hoc community committees (e.g., Hebron, Connecticut, Tricentennial Steering Committee, Oakwood/Kettering, Ohio, Holiday at Home Celebration), Friends of the Library (in every community), Chambers of Commerce, and art museums (e.g., Dayton, Ohio, Dayton Art Institute, Hartford, Connecticut, Wadsworth Atheneum.