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Corinne Ness

Dr. Corinne Ness is the dean of arts and humanities at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. She is also the director of the music theatre program at Carthage, with a specialty in voice pedagogy. Prior to taking the position of dean, Dr. Ness served as the music department chair and the voice area coordinator. Dr. Ness is developed the highly successful partnership between Carthage and the Beijing Dance Academy, as well as partnerships for visiting scholars of music theatre from China. She serves as a trustee for the Music Institute of Chicago and has been a member of the Arts Advocacy Panel with Ingenuity in Chicago. Dr. Ness earned a B.M. in Choral Music Education from Northern Illinois University and a M.M. with honors in Vocal Performance from Roosevelt University. Dr. Ness earned her Ph.D. with honors in Cultural and Educational Policy Study from Loyola University Chicago. Her dissertation research focused on the pedagogy of singing as it relates to culture and representation.